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 2023/24 Film Festival 

At The Westport Library

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024: International Narratives

 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.



Our annual international film festival SHORT CUTS features several evenings of outstanding short, award-winning narrative and documentary films followed by an in-person post-film conversation with a director. SHORT CUTS will be presented in the Trefz Forum at The Westport Library. Films were curated from the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Thursday, January 18, 2024


Sealed Off

by Tiangyu Jiang

(China, Macau, USA)

Chat Mort (Dead Cat)

by Annie-Claude Caron and Danick Audet (Canada)

Oscar Shortlist:

Live Action Short Film

Winner, Best Narrative Short

Tribeca 2023

Sealed Off_edited_edited_edited.jpg

During an air-raid lockdown in the 1940s,

an accountant and a university teacher meet and quickly fall in love. 


by Vathana Suganya Suppiah



In a culture where fertility is celebrated, menstruation is shunned and

infertility is silenced.

ChatMort_Still 3_edited.jpg

To what extremes will parents go in order to shield their child from the

realities of life?

Shadow Brother Sunday

by Alden Ehrenreich (USA)

Shadow Brother Sunday - Still_  1.png

An unlucky musician struggles when he returns home on the day of his younger

brother's movie premiere.

Et Maintenant? (What Next?)

by Cécile Rogue (France)


Based on a true story, Julien joined the Paris Opera Ballet at the age of 12. Now 42, he must leave.

Special Guest

Director/Producer Jacob Krupnick in conversation with producer Nancy Diamond

Jacob Krupnick Headshot.jpg

A Look Back at SHORT CUTS 

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023

Team Dream 

by Luchina Fisher (USA)

Then Comes the Body

by Jacob Krupnick (Nigeria, USA)

Winner, TIDE Film Festival Best Documentary Award (Martha's Vineyard) 

Team Dream - key image 1.tif

Team Dream follows friends and competitive swimmers Ann and Madeline on their journey to the National Senior Games, where nothing -- not age, race or history -- will stand in their way. 

Deciding Vote

by Jeremy Workman & Robert J. Lyons (USA)

Guns Akimbo_JPG.webp

When a video of kids dancing in the rain goes viral, it brings global attention to an unlikely ballet school
outside Lagos, Nigeria. Now they're preparing for
the world stage.

In Her Element

by Idil Ibrahim (USA)

Winner,  Best Short Doc, Woodstock Film Festival;

Indy Shorts Social Impact Award; Best Short Doc, Woods Hole Film Festival; Best Short Doc, Sidewalk Film Festival

50 years ago, a now-forgotten New York assemblyman cast a single tie-breaking vote that legalized abortion in New York and laid the groundwork for Roe v Wade.


The story of Daisha McBride, an up-and-coming hip hop artist looking to make a name for herself in a
rock and country town.

Special Guest

Director/Producer Luchina Fisher in conversation with producer Nancy Diamond

Thursday, November 9, 2023


My Eyes are Up Here

by Nathan Morris (UK)


Two first - date lovers are driven by the strengths, flaws and humor of the
disabled partner.

Watch Trailer Here

A Fox in the Night
by Keeran Blessie (UK)


by Mitra Shahidi ( USA)

Winner, Best Animated Short

Tribeca Film Festival, 2023


Starling, the spirit of a mischievous little girl, shoots down from the heavens to spend her birthday with her family.
Watch Trailer Here

The Sperm Bank
by Margaux Susi (USA)

Winner, UK Critics Circle Film Award,

Best British/Irish Short Film' 2023.

Fox in the Night.edited.tif

A South London story in which opposites attract, appearances deceive and bravery reaps rewards.
Watch Trailer Here

THE SPERM BANK.edited.tif

Newly diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, 23-year-old Rob must now take the first big step...masterbate into a cup to protect a future he isn't sure exists.
Watch Trailer Here

by Al'lkens Plancher (USA)


A young Haitian-American learns how to dance Konpa to impress his crush.
Watch Trailer Here

Let Liv
by Erica Rose (USA)

A young alcoholic woman, attending an AA meeting with her partner, unexpectedly runs into her estranged mother.
Watch Trailer Here

Special Guest:
• Writer, Actor Olivia Levine, Let Liv in conversation with Producer, Nancy Diamond


Thursday, November 17, 2022


John Leguizamo Live at Rikers Island 

by Elena Francesa Engel (USA)

Winner, Best Documentary Short,
Indy Shorts Awards Cannes, 2022


Actor John Leguizamo spends time at Rikers Island inspiring justice-involved young men to reflect openly about their own lives and the serious challenges of incarceration.

More Than I Want to Remember
by Amy Bench (USA)

Beirut Dreams in Color

by Michael Collins

(Lebanon, UK, USA)


He’s the openly gay frontman of a Lebanese rock band. She is an ardent activist and fan. After one fateful night, their lives intersect and are altered forever.

by Sterling Hampton (USA)

Winner, Best Animated Short,
Tribeca Film Festival, 2022


Fourteen-year-old Mugeni awakes to the sounds of bombs. As her family scatters to the surrounding forests to save themselves, Mugeni finds herself completely alone.


A young ballerina from the inner city voices her experiences in the dance industry while performing on the streets of Los Angeles.

Special Guest:
Kevin Wilson, Jr.
Oscar-nominated Director


Thursday, October 27, 2022
Narrative Films

Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine

 by Naman Gupta (USA)

Winner, Netflix-supported Tasveer Film Fund's Inaugural Competition

Comimg Out with the help of a Time Machine_Photo4_Father_Son.jpg

When coming out to his traditional parents, MIT grad student Sid uses his time machine to make sure the day goes perfectly.

Five - O

by Yassine Lassar Ramdani, Elsie Otinwa, Florence Fauquet, Ismaïl Alaoui Fdili, Ming Fai Sham Lourenço, and Eloïse Monmirel


Five-o pic2.jpeg

A theater director from Paris sees an opportunity for a young immigrant  police spotter to become a soloist in her opera.


by Bret Parker (USA)


Is it too much to ask that Pete be allowed to play Little League baseball just by being Pete?

Sparring Partner

by JJ Kandel (USA)


When a long flirtation between two co-workers comes to a head during a revealing lunch, who will walk away?
Written by award-winning playwright and screenwriter Neil LaBute. Featuring
Cecily Strong (SNL) & KeiLyn Durrel Jones.

Night Ride

by Eirik Tveiten (Norway)

Winner, Best Narrative Short,
Tribeca Film Festival 2022


On a cold night in December, Ebba's train ride transforms into an unexpected adventure.

Special Guest:
JJ Kandel
Director, Sparring Partner


A Look Back at SHORT CUTS 2021...

Thursday, November 18
Documentary Films

Change the Name 

by Cai Thomas (USA)

Change the Name 2.jpeg

Student activists and educators in Chicago campaign to change the name of a park from a slaveholder to an abolitionist.


 by William Armstrong (Denmark) 


Contemporary choreographer Paul Lightfoot creates a tribute to his father whom he lost during lockdown.

My Father, The Mover

by Julia Jansch (South Africa)


African electronic Gqom beats motivate kids in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa to jive through their hardship and find their “superpowers.”

Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Short, Tribeca

The Unlikely Fan 

 by Sai Selvarajan & Jeff Bednarz (USA) 

Unlikely Fan2.jpeg

Meet a Sri-Lankan born, Dallas based, retired teacher who knows a thing or two about hoops.

Nominated, SXSW Grand Jury Award

Coded: The Hidden Love of J.C. Leyendecker

 by Ryan White (USA) 

coded - cropped.jpeg

The story of illustrator J.C. Leyendecker,

whose legacy laid the foundation for today's out-and-proud LGBTQ+ advertisements.

 Winner, Best Documentary Short, Tribeca

Thursday, November 4
Narrative Films

 The Angler 

 by Oscar nominated David Darg (USA) 

 Six Nights 

 by Robert Brogden (USA) 

 by Zoey Martinson (USA) 

Angler 1.png

Three schoolchildren set out to find their beloved bus driver her perfect match.

No Longer Suitable For Use

 by Julian Joslin (USA) 


A Syrian FBI informant gets one final chance to avoid deportation.

 Try to Fly 
 by The Affolter Brothers (animated-Canada) 

TRY TO FLY1.jpeg

While learning to fly, a baby owl has an existential crisis.

Nominated, Best Animated Short, Tribeca

A fisherman and a young mother have a chance encounter when their lines become entangled.

A restaurant dishwasher is given a last-minute chance to step up as a line cook.

Winner, Student Visionary Award,Tribeca

Thursday, October 14
Narrative Films

The Kicksled Choir 
 by Torfinn Iversen

 Death and the Lady 

by Geoff Bailey and Lucy Streuver


 Nominated, Best Narrative Short, Tribeca 


Ten year-old Gabriel dreams of joining a local caroling group.


On a dark and stormy night, Death pays a visit to a very old lady and her dog.

Two Jacked 

 by Jon Huertas (USA) 

Two Jacked1_edited.jpg

The world’s worst carjacker meets the world’s most understanding victim.

There are Bunnies on Fire in the Forest 

 by JLee MacKenzie (animated-USA) 


A young girl gets in big trouble at school during the Covid-19 pandemic.

 by Agazi Desta 

Girl with a Thermal Gun 
 by Rongfei Guo (China) 

Winner, Best Narrative Short, Tribeca 


A teenager hopes to get his hair cut in "waves" for prom night.

Girl with the Thermal Gun_edited.jpg

A delivery man fantasizes about a girl who measures his temperature in a supermarket during COVID-19.

 Special Guests 

Geoff Bailey and Lucy Streuver.png

 Geoff Bailey and Lucy Streuver 

 Directors, Death and the Lady 

2020 November Selections:

Living the Truth


Single by Ashley Eakin (USA)

Winner, Special Jury Recognition, South by Southwest


Tapes by Dara Katz and Betsy Kenney (USA)

Dirty Laundry2.jpeg

Dirty Laundry by Maxim Bessmertny (Macau)

Coup d'etat2.jpg

Coup D'etat Math by Sai Selvarajan (USA)

Winner, Special Jury Recognition, South by Southwest

Liliu_Nua hands tied .jpg

Liliu by Jeremiah Tauamiti (New Zealand)

Special Guests:


Sai Selvarajan, Betsey Kenney, Jeremiah Tauamiti

in discussion with Nancy Diamond


 2020 October Selections: 

Seeking Refuge


Cru - Raw by David Oesch (Switzerland)

Winner, Student Visionary Award, Tribeca

Gets Good Light_ICE.jpg

Gets Good Light by Alejandra Parody (USA)


Vera by Laura Rubirola Sala (Spain)


Toto by Marco Baldonado (Canada)

Nominated, Best Narrative Short, Tribeca

No More Wings -3.png

No More Wings by Abraham Adeyemi (United Kingdom)

Winner, Best Narrative Short, Tribeca


Special Guests:



Abraham Adeyemi, Alejandra Parody, David Oesch

in discussion with Nancy Diamond

 2019 October Selections: 

"The Secrets We Hold"

Special Guest: B. Monet

Writer & Director of

 Ballet After Dark


by Marijana Jankovic (Denmark) 

Winner, Best Narrative Short

A little girl moves to a new country with her parents. Based on a true story. 

  • IMDB

by Dana Nachman (USA)

Nominee, Best Narrative Short

​A sorority girl figures out a way to eliminate all risk from the late-night ritual that is the college hook up. Now all she needs is to find a guy to test out her idea on... and with.

  • IMDB

by  Sharine Atif (Egypt)

Winner, Student Visionary Award 

The retelling of a melancholic 19th century Egyptian legend about two Bedouin sisters escaping forced marriages.​


by Drew Denny (USA)

Nominee, Get Shorty Award

 A queer heist film starring Brianna Hildebrand and Amanda Plummer.  

 2019 November Selections: 

"Living with Family"

Special Guest: Haley Finnegan

Writer, Actor, Director,



by Yuchao "Robbin" Feng (China)

Special Jury Mention, 2019

In a desolate Chinese fishing village, a single mother gives her 6-year-old daughter one final lesson, inspired by true events.

  • IMDB

by Scott Lochmus (USA)

​An elderly maestro and a young piano prodigy venture out of their musical isolation in hopes of selling their beloved piano.

  • IMDB

by Floor Adams (The Netherlands)

Nominated, Best International Short 2019

Relying on social scripts to survive the social world, one must not go off-script. Especially if you want to date a girl.​


by Haley Finnegan (USA)

Emelia & Brody pack their things for a social media road trip in a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon...their aim is to become Insta-famous.  

SHORT CUTS Festival Highlights!

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