Community Partners


Thank you to all our generous

individual and merchant sponsors,

without whose support we couldn't do what we do!


Starring Role

($1500 - $5000)

Alyson & Peter Angus. Sarah Whittemore, Martha Zoubek

  Lynda & Paul Bluestein; Thomas & Jeanne Elmezzi Foundation; Michelle & Kenny Gersh; Guy Jonckheer; Mr. & Mrs. Peter Malkin; Elizabeth G. Miller; Jennifer & Jim Sandling; 


Supporting Role


Bill Gratz & Jay Bruno; Erika Hall; Lori & David Sochol; Mary Sue & Ed Teplitz



Master Class

($500 - $999)

Tammy & Steven Barry; Nancy Diamond & Jeffrey Mayer; Les Dinkin; The Fonteyne Family; Sally & Mike Harris; Susan Jacobson & David Moscovitz; Christine & Rolf Sellge

Inner Circle

($200 - $500)

Kerrin & Stephne Behrend; G. Kenneth Bernhard; Bea & Peter Crumbine; Luisa Francoeur; Shari Kushner; Raechelle Sherman; Dina Upton


Century Club Donors


Pippa Bell Ader & David Ader; Rita Appel & Jon Fraade; Paula Argosh; Kathleen Bennewitz;

Priscilla Boyle; Lilla Cooper; Arlene Doherty; Mary & Bob Foster; Lisa Friedland; Leslie Greene;

Carol Herman; Barbara Levy & Joe Hollander; Julia Horowitz & Jonathan Alexander; Terri Kim; Richard & Eleanor Lowenstein; John & Lucille Morris; Christine & Richard Names;

Katarina O'Connor; Lynne & Pete Penczer; Becky Ruthven; Phyllis Sinrich

Cecily Stoddard Stranahan



2019 Merchant Sponsors


Alan Rubenstein, Halloran Sage LLC

LERA Jewels; W. Jennings Company

Bercham, Moses & Devlin, PC; Imperial Dental Associates

Susie Aldrich Landscape Designer, Surrey Style Designs LLC

Susan Vanech Properties powered by Compass-Real Estate Strategist

Brody Wilkinson PC; Dance Express; Francis S. Infurchia & Company, LLC;

Office Evolution; Quinn Contracting LLC; SellarsLathrop Architects llc

Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce



and to so many others who respond to our annual appeal,

come to our performances and benefits and bring their friends!




Jib Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)  not-for-profit

arts organization.

As a not-for-profit arts organization,

JIB Productions relies on your contributions in order to seek out the finest writers, bring you the most current plays, hire the most talented actors available and create the most one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences

we can dream up!

No matter how large or small,

your gift makes a difference.

Want to learn more about staged readings?

Buy Carole's book here!


                                            Photo: Suzannah Gold

All April Performances


As a not-for-profit arts organization impacted greatly by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you will consider making your March or April ticket purchases a tax-deductible donation

that will help carry us through and keep us vibrant until we can actively plan and book our next season of Play WIth Your Food, Short Cuts, Seasons Readings and our many private events.


If you would like a refund,

please contact us by May 1 at or at 203.293.8729


Two Theatrical Video Treats!

Enjoy these two videos performed by the many talented actors (and some special guests!)

who work with Play Wth Your Food

Paul Revere's Ride

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



     Scott Bryce, Stacie Lewis, Alexandra Bezan,

Dustin Sullivan, Susan Jacobson, Clayton Wheat,

Wynter Kullman, Jodi Stevens, Michael Boland,

Matt Van Gessel, Andrea Lynn Green, Michael Raver,

Kate Katcher, Joe Delafield, Joanna Keylock,

Max Samuels, Kim Maresca, Zack Fine,

Don Striano, Betzabeth Castro & Eileen Lawless





Prologue to Henry V

by William Shakespeare

in which we hope to

engage your imagination

and ask forgiveness

for our Shortcomings!





Stephen Stout, Jill Eikenberry, Marca Leigh, James Naughton, Michael Tucker, Andrea Lynn Green,

Rob Mobley, Tom Zingarelli, Brian J. Carter,

Jeremy Funke, Michael Raver and Susan Vanech!

Thanks to all of you who came out for our performances of 

The Love Course


Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker!







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you may need to scroll down for

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