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Community Partners/Donors



Thank you to all our generous individual and merchant sponsors.

Without their support, we couldn't do what we do!

Starring Role

($1500 - $5000)

Erika Hall

Alyson & Peter Angus; Anonymous; Martha Zoubek

Robin & Brad Berggren; Lynda & Paul Bluestein; 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Malkin;

Elizabeth G. Miller; Jennifer & Jim Sandling

Master Class

($500 - $749)


Tammy & Steven Barry; Faye & Norman Burger;

 Les & Sami  Dinkin; Louisa Francoeur;

Sally & Mike Harris;

Barbara Levy & Joe Hollander;

Karen Joelson; Kelly & Sally Monaghan;

Susan Jacobson & David Moscovitz;

Christine & Rolf Sellge; Ann Sheffer;

Raechelle & Len Sherman; Lori & David Sochol;

Cynthia Mackay & Arthur Stampleman;

Gary Cosgrave & Dina Upton

Century Club Donors

($100 - $199)

Pippa Bell Ader & David Ader; Julia Horowitz & Jonathan Alexander; Rita Appel & Jon Fraade; Paula Argosh; Kathleen Bennewitz; Priscilla Boyle;

Lilla Cooper; Arlene Doherty; Suzanne Elkins;

Mary & Bob Foster; Lisa & Ed Friedland;

Ellen & Art Gang; Carolyn Gilbert; Leslie Greene;

Sally & Mike Harris; Carol & Hank Herman;

Barbara Howard; Nancy & Dan Magida;

Maxine Paul & Vadim Mayerson; Lucille Morris;

Margaret Mudd; Karen Murphy; Christine & Richard Names; Katarina O'Connor; Lynne & Pete Penczer; Carole Percival; Jennifer Posner;

Phyllis Sinrich; Wendy Vickrey; Michele Williams; Martin Yellin

Supporting Role

($1000 - $1499)

Faye & Norman Burger

Bill Gratz & Jay Bruno; Mary Sue & Ed Teplitz

Inner Circle

($200 - $499)​


Barbara & Andrew Bangser; Kerrin & Stephne Behrend;  Bea Crumbine; Les & Samira Dinkin;

Carolyn Gilbert; Harvey & Kathleen Guion;

Dick & Ellie Lowenstein; Shari Kushner;

Jill Greenberg & Mitchell Lester;

Cecily Stranahan; Ron Blumenfeld & Selina Strong

Merchant Sponsors

Susan Vanech Properties/COMPASS Coastal


Jodi Stevens Bryce: Actor - Singer

Founder of SBE Studio

...and to so many others who responded to our annual appeal and show their support in so many ways!

   A Special Thank You

Support has been provided to JIB Productions from CT Humanities (CTH) and CT Office of the Arts with funding provided by the Connecticut State Department of Economic and Community Development/Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) from the Connecticut State Legislature.

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