Play With Your Food attracts

sell out crowds in Fairfield, Westport & Greenwich:

Each month between January and April, arrive at noon for a buffet lunch catered by one of our local gourmet restaurants, then settle in for a program of clever, provocative one-act plays read by terrific professional actors. After a short discussion with the actors, the director,  and often a playwright or two, everyone goes back to work or continues on their day. It’s an opportunity for people to munch on lunch with friends, and then enjoy stimulating short plays by both award-winning and emerging playwrights,

all within the lunch hour (and a half!).


 2020 Schedule

         Fairfield                          Westport                    Greenwich


         January  14                          January 7, 8                      January 22, 23

          February 11                         February 4, 5                  February 12,13

          March 10                              March 3, 4                         March 11, 12 

          April  21                                April 14,15                          April 22, 23 








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