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Where do we go from here?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

In introducing our theater blog on our newly upgraded website (thank you Andrea Lynn Green actress extraordinaire and website designer), it feels like the perfect opportunity to address some of the many issues facing society and in particular, the theater world over the past weeks. Having to cancel the end of our 2020 season because of COVID-19 has not only forced us to take a step back but has also given us the opportunity to slow down and reckon with who we are as a creative arts organization, what we offer you, our loyal audiences, and how we go about it. The most recent news events involving the tragic and untimely death of Mr. George Floyd and the ensuing protests have added to this opportunity to read, to listen and to finally hear how racism has been built so indelibly into our system for over 400 years. And this does not exclude the arts. I attended a rally in Weston recently (socially distanced and wearing a mask!) and among other things I learned was the lack of minorities teaching in the Weston School System. I raised children in Weston and the school system was fantastic . The number of non-white minority (and specifically black) teachers was something I had never considered – because I didn’t need to. And since that rally, the words that keep resonating with me was one father’s plea to the crowd: “When the administration tells you that they can’t find minority and specifically black teachers, tell them to TRY HARDER!” I can’t get those words out of my head – both in thinking about how we educate our little ones and in terms of what we bring to you, our patrons. One of my favorite things to say about the beauty and value of theater is that it reflects our lives. We turn to theater and other art forms to tell us who we are and to help us cope with the extraordinary act of living in this world. Yes, we look for actors to hire for Play With Your Food who reflect the diversity of the world but do we really look? And do we do everything we can to find plays that reflect all of our experiences? We look for the best plays and actors around and sometimes bring in actors from NYC to fill a part but is that enough? This is our pledge to you as we move forward and develop theater to present to you – our beloved and loyal patrons – we will TRY HARDER.

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