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A Second Rapture by James Marlow

Act One (an excerpt) by Moss Hart and James Lupine

Mr. Preble Gets Rid of his Wife by James Thurber

The Agenda by Michael McKeever


Closing Costs by Arlene Hutton

A Betrothal by Lanford Wilson


The Sentinels by Matthew Lopez

 Alex and Anne by Jay Boyer 


It's About Forgiveness by Albi Gorn

Clinch by Lindsay Joy

Moby Dude by David Ives


An Upset by David Auburn

A Second of Pleasure by Neil LaBute

Laughs by Mary Louise Wilson


Loveeeeeee Play by James Anthony Tyler

Bank and Trust by Kitt Lavoie

Civil Disobedience by Bara Swain


Ophelia's Mother by Rosemary Foley

Sure Thing by David Ives





Norman Allen, Nick Brooks, Scott Bryce, Matthew Lieff Christian, James Feuer, Zachary Fine, John Flaherty, Rosemary Foley, Rebecca S'manga Frank, Jeremy Funke, Daniel Gerroll, Melody James, Patricia Kalember, Wynter Kullman, Mairin Lee, Wendy Long, Rob Nichols, Cassandra Paras, Brittany Proia, Christopher Smith, Katie Sparer, Kim Squires, Dustin Sullivan, Carole Schweid, Susan Vanech, Nadine Willig,

Kara Young, Allan Zeller








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                                            Photo: Suzannah Gold

All April Performances


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Two Theatrical Video Treats!

Enjoy these two videos performed by the many talented actors (and some special guests!)

who work with Play Wth Your Food

Paul Revere's Ride

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



     Scott Bryce, Stacie Lewis, Alexandra Bezan,

Dustin Sullivan, Susan Jacobson, Clayton Wheat,

Wynter Kullman, Jodi Stevens, Michael Boland,

Matt Van Gessel, Andrea Lynn Green, Michael Raver,

Kate Katcher, Joe Delafield, Joanna Keylock,

Max Samuels, Kim Maresca, Zack Fine,

Don Striano, Betzabeth Castro & Eileen Lawless





Prologue to Henry V

by William Shakespeare

in which we hope to

engage your imagination

and ask forgiveness

for our Shortcomings!





Stephen Stout, Jill Eikenberry, Marca Leigh, James Naughton, Michael Tucker, Andrea Lynn Green,

Rob Mobley, Tom Zingarelli, Brian J. Carter,

Jeremy Funke, Michael Raver and Susan Vanech!

Thanks to all of you who came out for our performances of 

The Love Course


Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker!







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